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2015 Survey on the Future Viability of Nordic House

The results of the 2015 survey to investigate the future viability of Nordic House, requested at the 2014 AGM, will be sent to members of the Association in the coming month. It was not possible to present these results at the 2015 AGM as all members of the sub-committee, formed to look into this issue, were overseas at the time.

Members are requested to appraise themselves of the results and feedback from the survey and, if seeking clarity or wishing to provide further input, attend an informal meeting and discussion to be held at Nordic House on 9 April at 3 pm.

It must be stressed to members that no action can be taken on this survey without further discussion and formal voting at a future AGM or extraordinary members’ meeting. It is vital however, for planning purposes, that the committee has a sense of direction from the Association as it is not growing and is struggling to have members take an active role in its running.

You are urged to examine the results and give careful consideration as to how you want the Association to “look” in coming years.

Skt Hans Bonfire 2016

skthansaftenThere are currently no coordinators for the 2016 Skt Hans bonfire to be held at Nordic House in June this year.

The Committee is calling upon members to nominate to run this event. Full details of procedures are available and, with a team of helpers, it is a very easy event to run. If you are interested in taking this event on, please contact one of the committee members as soon as possible.

In the event that no members nominate to coordinate and run this event in 2016, it will regrettably be cancelled for this year.

Swedish Thrillers for Library

scanpost-feb16-echologoMany thanks to Echo Publishing in Melbourne for providing the Association with copies of their three latest Swedish crime thrillers for the Library. The books, by renowned Swedish authors, Sigge Eklund, Martin Holmén and Jenny Rogneby, have been translated from their original Swedish and will be a welcome addition to our Library. To whet your appetite, here is a precis of each of the books.

  • Sigge Eklund is one of Sweden’s best known writers and podcasters. InInto the Labyrinth, eleven-year-old Magda has disappeared. Her mother works every clue, obsessively trying to solve the mystery. Fingers have been pointed at Magda’s father Martin, his ambitious colleague, Tom, and his partner Katja. This book is a powerful psychological thriller that will get under your skin and haunt you well beyond its final, shocking conclusion.
  • Martin Holmén is a high school teacher in Stockholm. Clinch is his debut novel. Set in 1930s Stockholm, former boxer and debt collector Harry Kvist is wrongly accused of murder, and is forced to navigate Stockholm’s underworld in a desperate search for the only person who can save him.
  • Jenny Rogneby is a criminologist and former police investigator whosework inspired her to start writing. In Sweden, Jenny is also known for her former career as a pop star. In Leona: The Die is Cast, a bloodied child robs a bank. No one dares to intervene. Investigator Leona Lindberg is entrusted to the case. But why is she ignoring witness statements and calling in false suspects? Leona is a gripping crime thriller, featuring an unusual heroine who holds on to reality by the skin of her teeth.

We look forward to seeing sequels to these thrillers in the future, and extend our sincere thanks to Sabita Naheswaran from Echo Publishing for contacting the Association with this offer.

Needed – New Editor

Help wantedIn May 2016, Neil Wilson will put together his 60th edition of SCANPOST. This will also be his last due to extensive upcoming travel plans. So, at the 2015 AGM, he gave notice that the Association will need to find a new editor in 9 months time.

The task is not an onerous one. It just takes an eagle eye to watch for Nordic news, a cooperative committee to provide copy, and some computer skills and a little time to pull it all together.

Neil is happy to provide the new editor with all his templates and documents. All that is needed is someone to take on the job. Please consider if this is how you can contribute to the Association and, if so, please contact Neil on 9332 5247 with your questions and queries.

Fastelavn – Sunday 14 February

Er mit navn, boller vil jeg have, hvis jeg ingen boller får, så laver jeg ballade……!

2015_02_05 FastelavnThis year’s Fastelavn picnic will take place on Sunday 14 February 2016. This traditional Danish celebration has its origins in an old heathen custom. It is a carnival much loved by children who get to dress up in costume and to hit a wooden barrel specially made for the occasion and decorated with black cats. Prize winners will receive the traditional fastelavnris and there will be lolly bags and icy poles for all children.

Come along at 3.00 pm to join the fun of this festival, to be held at Nordic House. Entrance will be $4 per person for members and $8 per person for non-members. Children can wear costumes if they wish. Bring your family and friends, your picnic lunch, drinks, your aerogard, sunscreen and chairs. Tea and coffee facilities at Nordic House will be available for the usual charge.

Who will be Kattekonge this year?

Nordic House News

The Association extends its deepest sympathy to past member Gretar Jonssen on the recent passing of his wife, Maggy. ♦

The Over 50s Lunch will be held on 18 March at Nordic House at 12 noon. It will again be Bring a Plate format. Cost for lunch will be $12 if you bring some food and $25 if you don’t. Please book with Annette Leite on 9331 2425. Any donations for the raffle will be greatly appreciated. ♦

scanpost-feb16-5Whilst Perth was sweltering in 44˚of summer heat, Association member Alec Perscy, who now lives in northern Sweden, was enjoying a rather chilled-out –15˚. This was one of the beautiful photos Alec has recently shared with Association members of his part of the world. ♦

Your library needs you!

A Library sub-committee is being considered to rationalise and develop the library resources at Nordic House.

Expressions of interest are sought to volunteer on this sub-committee which will consider and decide the disposal of surplus books, what to retain, how to organise, attract interest, repair books, relate to external resources and facilitate possible presentations. The sub- committee could increasingly adapt over the years to include new technology.

The sub-committee would ideally be at least three members, and would meet quarterly at Nordic House. If you are interested, please contact Gunnar Horn by email at or by phone on 0431 259 672. ♦

Busy Bee

The next busy bee at Nordic House will be on Sunday 28 February commencing at 8 am and concluding around lunch time. Please come along. This is an opportunity to tidy up the garden and house for the new year.

The busy bee is always fun. Members help in whatever way they can (most tools required are provided) and it is an opportunity to share ideas and friendship.

You may bring along your own snack lunch, but hotdogs will also be available free of charge.

Any queries regarding the busy bee, please contact Gunnar Horn on 0431 259 672.


Curling comes to Perth

With Scandinavians enjoying their winter sports, members might be interested to know that the winter olympic sport of curling is now up and running in WA.

Curling WA are currently looking for teams and players who would like to take part in their curling league that will kick off in March 2016. Some ‘come and try’ sessions will be held in February if you would like to see what it is all about.

Curling is happening at the brand new facility in Cockburn, the Cockburn Ice Arena. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact Elliott Douglas on 0429 729 621, or email Curling WA also has also has a website at and a Facebook page for more information.

Latest News from the Committee

We had a lovely social barbecue at Nordic House on 7 November. Around 27 people came for the meal, which was partly catered for from outside, and organised by Susanne and her helpers. The meal was complete with beautiful desserts. Thanks to all who helped make this a lovely evening.

scanpost-feb16-1On 27 November, we enjoyed a great Over 50s Christmas lunch. Around 30 old and new friends met up, exchanged Christmas presents and, of course, had a visit from Father Christmas. Thanks to Annette for organising this event again, and to everyone who brought delicious food to share.

This year on behalf of the Association, Rita and Marianne booked a table at the Swedish Bazaar in Shenton Park, selling Christmas decorations, craft and sweets. It was great to see that it was well supported by Association members as well as other Scandinavians and people from other nationalities.

With the closure of the Latvian Centre during the course of this year, we had to find a new venue forscanpost-feb16-2 the Children’s Christmas party and Lucia. Although the hall at Centenary Park in Wilson quickly filled up, the outside space was great and the facilities, including the kitchen, were fine.

Thank you to Hella and her helpers for doing kitchen duty, to Karen Margrethe for playing the piano and to Per and Kate for making a great Santa and helper. Thanks also to Rita and Neil for setting up and being on door duty, and to everyone including Miss Maud’s for their great donations for raffle prices. It was, as usual, lovely to see the Lucia girls and the bride being crowned.

On 17 December, the Danish priest to Australia Bente Holdgaard came from Sydney to conduct for us a Danish Christmas Service at the Lutheran Church. We enjoyed the coffee and chat afterwards, and another chance to catch up with friends.

scanpost-feb16-3We hope you have had a good Christmas and a great New Year and look forward to seeing many of you at the functions in 2016. This year also being the 50th anniversary year for the Scandinavian Association, planning has commenced for a celebration, probably for the end of October, as many of our members are away during the winter months, possibly be held at Miss Maud’s, but more about that later in the year. Make a note of this for your diaries.

Events for the year will commence with Fastelavn on Sunday 14 February at Nordic House starting at 3 pm. There will be games for the children followed by the traditional barrel hitting. Children are welcome to dress up if they wish.

Our next busy bee is planned for Sunday 28 February. If you are able to spend just one hour from 8 am to do some work in and around the house and garden, it would be much appreciated. A hot dog lunch is provided, and donations of cakes are always welcome for morning tea.

scanpost-feb16-4Remember that the success of the Association is dependent on your participation and contribution. We are still looking for an editor for SCANPOST to commence in late August and still no-one has been forthcoming. Without an editor, SCANPOST will cease. We urge you to come forward and volunteer to keep this important communication going.

The Committee works hard to provide you with enjoyable functions and events. We look forward to your contributions during the year.

With best regards

The Committee