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Latest News from the Committee

It seems that many members have headed north for at least part of the southern winter and, as a result, there has been little activity at Nordic House.  Saturday afternoons have been increasingly well attended, but still the roster for host for
the afternoon remains surprisingly empty.

So many people indicated in their survey returns that each member or member family unit should do one roster per year, but still, few people are  putting their name down.   It requires little effort – open and lock the House, boil the urn and provide a cake for afternoon tea.  Other than that, enjoy the company and talk with old friends.  The Committee awaits the day when we see just one month with a full roster!!

We encourage all members to be at Nordic House on 12 September for the Association’s annual general meeting.  This year’s meeting will hold greater interest than normal when the results of the survey, seeking member feedback on the future of Nordic House, will be discussed.  Please attend to hear the results and contribute your opinion to the House’s future.

Another topic for discussion and decision will centre on the planning of the Association’s golden (50th) anniversary celebrations in 2016.  The Committee hopes to hold several celebratory events to mark this important milestone and values the  contributions and ideas from  our members.  Of course, there will be the need for  members to also contribute to make these events happen, but the efforts of groups of  members will make the load on individuals considerably less.  If you are unable to  attend, please complete the proxy voting form that accompanies this edition of  SCANPOST  and forward to a committee member for actioning.

We look forward to you joining us at the AGM next month.

With best regards
The Committee 

Annual General Meeting – Saturday 12 September

viking-shipThe Annual General Meeting of our Association will be held on Saturday 12 September at Nordic House commencing at 3.00 pm.  The meeting should last about 1½ hours.

Several members of the current Committee have indicated that, due to personal commitments, they may not be available for re-election in 2015/2016.

Nominations from other members for these positions will be vital if the Association is  to continue to function and provide services to its members.

The following documents relating to this year’s AGM will be either posted or emailed to members shortly:

  • the minutes from the 2014 AGM (Please bring these along on the day)
  • the agenda and proxy form for the 2015 AGM

A membership application/renewal form is included in your copy of SCANPOST.

To have voting rights, please ensure that your annual membership subscription is paid beforehand.  Payments can be accepted on the day, but please arrive a little earlier if you wish to do this.

Please come along to the meeting to discuss the results of the 2014 members’ survey,  catch up with friends and offer your help in the running of your Association in the coming year.

Membership Reminder

viking-shipIt’s that time of the year when the Association needs your financial support.

Annual membership fees are now due and to vote at the AGM in September, you must be a financial member of the Association.

For 2015-2016, fees will remain at:

  • single fee $30
  • single student/pensioner concession $25
  • family $50
  • family student/pensioner concession $40.

Prompt payment of your fees is always appreciated. A membership renewal form is found on page 10 of the latest edition of SCANPOST so please send your payment to the Membership Secretary, Rita Wilson, promptly.

From this year, members who receive SCANPOST electronically will have their memberships cards and receipts emailed. Other members will continue to receive their documents by post.