History of the Association

The Scandinavian Association of Western Australia was started in 1966 by Hans and Iris Aamott. Hans came to WA from Norway in 1944 and married Iris, who was from Bunbury. Hans passed away in September 1998.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and hold functions to maintain the traditions of Scandinavia including celebrating the National Days.

Today the Association caters for residents, descendants and friends of the people of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands.

We celebrate Fastelavn, Norwegian National Day, and the June National Days. In December we celebrate Lucia and hold a Christmas party for the children. In June we celebrate Midsummer with a bonfire.

We understand that many Scandinavians often wish to re-experience the cultures and traditions that they have grown up with.

With a generous grant from the Lotteries Commission and after many years of fundraising, the Association purchased a small house in Thornlie, in the south-east part of Perth, in 1998. The house is used by different groups: Language Classes, BBQ’s, and every couple of months a group of 40-50 Scandinavian Seniors enjoy a lovely lunch and a good yarn.

We have a full library with plenty of books, mainly in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

The Nordic House is open every Saturday from 2-5pm.

The address is 25 Melvin Avenue, Thornlie WA 6108. Please park in the swimming pool car park if the driveway is full.

Everyone is welcome to drop in for coffee and cake.