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Online dictionaries (from

Cultural associations
Website for the Friends of Norway (Norwegian Club of Victoria)
Homepage for the Scandinavian Association of South Australia
The Association of Norwegian Students Abroad
The Swedish Club of WA
Den norske sjomannskirken i Sydney


These are some Facebook groups that involve people from different Nordic communities, particularly in Western Australia.
ANSA Perth is an Norwegian Student Organisation and are looking after the interest of Norwegian students while they are living and studying in Perth. If you are considering studying in Perth or if you already are a student here ANSA Perth is at your disposal to help you with challenges you my face while staying in Perth and as a support if you need. We will help you as well as we can. ANSA have a head office in Norway/Oslo and the staff there are also at your disposal with advisors, insurance issues or if you just want someone to talk to.
Your local ANSA team i Perth have social gatherings during the semesters and are using this events to get together with other Norwegians, lokal Australians, Scandinavians and other cultures. Everyone living/studying etc. in Perth is welcome to join our events. If you also are an ANSA member you will get some more benefits. You can read more about that at

To get in touch with ANSA Perth you can either send us an email: or join our Facebook page
Nordmenn i Perth (‘Norwegians in Perth)
Danskere i Perth (‘Danes in Perth’)

News sources
‘Norway Daily’ – A Norwegian Newspaper online.
Norway’s largest newspaper ‘Aftenposten’.
The Norway Post, in English.

Many Scandinavian Links in Australia and New Zealand.
Danish Literature Information Center.
Norway’s Embassy in Washington DC, US.
Norway’s Embassy in London.