From the Committee

viking-shipAbout 25 people enjoyed a dinner with a difference on 28 March at Nordic House.  Instead of our usual barbecue, we had some delightful smørrebrød, made by the Danish Butcher in Rockingham. The open sandwiches were very tasty and there was a great choice of toppings, both hot and cold, salmon, liver paste, roast beef, egg and prawns, egg and caviar, roast pork, fish fillets and hakkebøf. It was good trying something different and we hope that the butcher will continue to make the smørrebrød available for another time in the future.

Now we look forward to our next Over 50s Lunch on Friday 8 May at Nordic House at noon. Please come along and join us – details will be published on the Coming Events page, but do book with Nina to let her know if you are coming and what you are bringing. As this lunch is close to the Norwegian National Day on 12 May, we will take the opportunity to decorate Nordic House for that day.

You may notice that a few maintenance jobs have been attended to around Nordic House: a tree which contained termites at the front of the house has been removed, stump grinding removed two old tree stumps and a broken window has been replaced. Some electrical work has also been carried out with the installation of a new electrical switchboard, two safety switches, a smoke detector and the replacement of a faulty power point. In addition, a new stove has been purchased for the kitchen and that too is now installed and operational.

At the Busy Bee on 29 April, quite a few repairs were completed, both in the house and garden – there was plenty of activity all around. Thank you so much to the 11 people who came and helped.  It is much appreciated. We enjoyed lovely cakes for morning tea and later, when
the work was complete, hot dogs with the lot.

We will celebrate the remaining Nordic National Days on Saturday the 6 June  at 3 pm with an afternoon tea with æbleskiver and pancakes, so bring the whole family along to enjoy this event.

And, like last year, the Skt Hans Bonfire will be held at Nordic House on Saturday 20 June. We hope you and your families will support your Association by attending these events  and look forward to welcoming you there.

With best regards
The Committee