Christmas Party and Lucia Parade on 13 December

Lucia celebration


The annual Christmas Party and Lucia Parade will be held at Centenary Pavilion, Centenary Avenue, Wilson on 13 December commencing at 5.00 pm.

Please be there on time, as Father Christmas will arrive at around 5.30pm. Parents are reminded to bring a gift for each child to the value of $10. Gifts should be placed in the sack near the front door. We will sing Christmas carols, dance around a real Christmas tree, the kids will open their presents and we will enjoy delicious hot dogs. This will be followed by the Lucia Parade and the crowning of the Lucia Bride at approximately 7 pm.

Entry price for members (adults and children) is $6 each and for non- members (adults and children) is $10 each. This price includes a hot dog, soft drink and a bag of crisps for the kids and tea and coffee and cookies for the adults. Additional hot dogs with the lot will be for sale for $5 each and soft drinks $1 each.

Lucia rehearsal and for children to receive their costumes and go over the proceedings for the Lucia Parade will be held at Nordic House on 5 December between 2pm and 3pm. Please contact the Lucia coordinator, Jane Constantine on 0412 563 273 of an evening for further information regarding this year’s Parade.


IMAGE: Lucia Celebration by Blondinrikard Fröberg. Licence: CC-BY-2.0