Your library needs you

A Library sub-committee is being considered to rationalise and develop the library resources at Nordic House.

Expressions of interest are sought to volunteer on this sub-committee which will consider and decide the disposal of surplus books, what to retain, how to organise, attract interest, repair books, relate to external resources and facilitate possible presentations. The sub- committee could increasingly adapt over the years to include new technology.

The sub-committee would ideally be at least three members, and would meet quarterly at Nordic House. If you are interested, please contact Gunnar Horn by email at or by phone on 0431 259 672.

For the four Saturdays from 7 May to 28 May, the Nordic House library will be disposing of surplus books, mostly Danish and a few Norwegian. These will be on display at Nordic House from 2pm to 5 pm each Saturday. Books will be available for a gold coin donation with all proceeds going towards Association activities.